• Narcotics Anonymous Prayer Flags (5-flag set)


    Beautiful set of five, traditionally colored, Tibetan-style prayer flags on a string, incorporating prayers and other sayings from Narcotics Anonymous. These 100% cotton flags are handmade and printed in the US. Flags are 8" x 8.5" each and the set hangs appropriately 4' across. Hang them in the yard, garden, porch or meditation space.  For over a thousand years Tibetans have been making and hanging prayer flags. Tibetans believe that hanging prayer flags with intention releases positive wishes into the world on the wind, thereby increasing the world's positive energies. The traditional Tibetan colors represent the elements of life in the following order: Blue-Space, White-Air, Red-Fire, Green-Water, Yellow-Earth

    The prayers/symbols on each come from Narcotics Anonymous, as follows:

    Blue Flag - Prayer is asking...-BT-p46

    White Flag - Gratitude Prayer-BT-p109

    Red Flag - NA Symbol-BT-pxiv

    Green Flag -  Third Step Prayer-BT-p26

    Yellow Flag - Shortened Serenity Prayer