• NA History Video - Beginnings

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    1 hour 46 minute DVD of personal interviews with NA members that witnessed the growth and development of the NA Fellowship across the USA. Jimmy Kinnon had a vision of what NA could become and he struggled with the Fellowship growing pains as did all those around him. This video captures the insights, memories and hopes of those members that witnessed our "beginnings." Let us never forget those who gave the balance of their lives and love to help us and the addict who still suffers. (More info. about the project is listed below the video preview.)

    Gene H. and Tommy W. compiled more than 100 hrs. of interview footage, traveling more than 3,000 miles on their own dime. Gene H. passed in 2015 with 54 years clean. His story "The Vicious Cycle" was in the original white pamphlet and editions 1 thru 5 of the Basic Text. Tommy W. attends meetings in Tacoma, WA and continues this "labor of love" project.  No one is making money from the sale of this DVD.  All proceeds will be used to continue the project.